The following information was compiled by cross-referencing  several articles, books, and resources on the success of the self-distribution of the film "What the Bleep Do We Know." Watch the film here.

Robert Ptolemy & Ray Kurzweil

A documentary about Ray Kurzweil and his research into singularity: the point at which human and technology intelligence merge into one.

Production Budget
"It's a secret." (according to their press kit)

Marketing/Distro Budget
even more of a secret

Source of Funds
Privately financed


Marketing Strategy
• played at Tribeca film festival, but no offers
• a hybrid distribution model utilizing a special event tour, collapsed windows across all mediums, and innovative new portals through which to share the film
• partnered with WME for self-distribution campaign
• hired DigiSynd to handle all social media and digital marketing
• started with cross-country tour
• tour was integral in creating national and local press w/publicist Celia Black (lots of interviews)
• four-walled theatres, partnering with TIME/Life, science museums, IMAX theaters, included live presentation by Ray Kurzweil, screening, and live Q&A
• using latest technology tools: EventBrite for ticketing, Square for selling merchandise (t-shirts, posters, books, and DVD pre-retail at screenings)
• Ray Kurzweil on the cover of TIME

Distribution Strategy
• March 1 – day-and-date release Cable VOD, iTunes, and direct-to-consumer DVD and digital on website
• #2 doc and top 10/30 of all films on iTunes for 13 weeks
• DVD and merch sales on website were high for many months
• Brainstorm Media made the film available on top 3 cable providers in the country
• May 24, 2011 – New Video distributed DVD to shelves (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Netflix, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Best-Buy
• finally streaming – Amazon, Netflix, Wal-Mart, YouTube, Hulu – only increasing DVD sales
• over 100,000 people rated the film on Netflix in the first 90 days
• partnership with Dynamo – online rental store embedded link
• MoPix – Transcendent Man app for iPhone and iPad with movie and special features $9.99
• Fathom Events – Transcendent Man Live Event broadcasted live to over 500 theaters in 49 states, advertised 4 weeks prior by 30sec trailer on 15,000 screens leading up to the event = 40million impressions
• The day Transcendent Man aired LIVE = 800% spike in DVD sales on Amazon
• special iTunes promotion rent for $0.99 for two weeks = 4X in sales, and spike in DVD sales

34,000 Facebook likes
7,400 Twitter followers
555,000 Trailer views on YouTube
HUGE Press coverage

Gross Profit

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