My purpose is to CREATE.

Filmmaker. Artist. Marketer. Entrepreneur.
I feel most fulfilled when I am in the process of creation – films, photos, paintings, companies, marketing campaigns, websites... Time disappears. I stay up all night. I lose myself in the possibilities of imagination, in the seduction of opportunity. I don't dream when I sleep, because I dream all day long. And I am very grateful to have understood my purpose at a young age.  I was chosen to do what I do. This is my calling. And when you are called to do something, you cannot refuse. 

Here's what I believe...

Nick Conedera

Nick got started young...

Nick was born in sunny San Diego. Growing up, he was always around art. His dad ran his own graphic design business out of the house, following in the footsteps of Nick's grandfather – an Italian painter, designer, photographer, engineer, and entrepreneur.

At age 14, Nick met his first love: filmmaking. It was love at first edit. At age 15, he got his first professional editing gig for local musician Mike Keneally. He continued doing freelance design and video work throughout high school for clients like EF Tours and Girl Scouts of America. At age 17, Nick became the Vice President of the Rancho Bernardo High School Digital Media club, one of the top high school broadcast journalism programs in the country. By the time Nick graduated high school, he had completed about 75 film/video projects, and won about 25 awards for his work, including three Student Emmy Awards.

At age 18, Nick began studying film and photography at Chapman University in Orange, CA. At age 20, Nick decided to expand his professional sales skills by selling Cutco Cutlery for a company called Vector Marketing and sold over $32,000 of Cutco Cutlery in only ten weeks. At at age 20, he moved to Italy for three months to discover his Italian roots, find his grandfather's childhood home, and study photography. At age 22, Nick graduated from Chapman University, Magna Cum Laude. 

After graduating, Nick moved to Los Angeles to pursue his promotional video marketing business full-time and broke even with a $25,000 investment for professional equipment within the first year. At only 22, Nick decided to drop all his clients in order to work full-time on developing his first feature film, SHARP. In three years, Nick wrote the script, formed an LLC, put together a PPM, raised a quarter million dollars ($222,000), built a team of 100 artists and professionals, produced the film, and immediately secured a distribution deal. 

Now at age 25, Nick continues to create, shoot, travel, and help other organizations market themselves with multimedia.