Here's what I believe...


You have a gift. You have a special skill/talent that nobody else has.
Your purpose is to share that gift. 
Use it to serve others, solve problems, help people, save the world.
But how do you know what is your purpose? You feel it in your heart.
Do what you love. Follow your passion. Remember, passion = purpose. 

How can I help you achieve your dreams?

Nick Conedera
Filmmaker. Artist. Marketer. Entrepreneur.


One summer when Nick was 13, he got bored. So he started playing with iMovie, the free movie editing software on his Apple computer. He figured out how to download videos of his favorite skaters and cut them together with scenes from the movie Ice Age. The juxtaposition was worth a giggle. “I can’t explain why or how, but when I finally watched my finished frankenstein of a video, I knew I was going to be making films for the rest of my life.” – Nick Conedera

With his passion for moving images, Nick became the Vice President of the Digital Media Club at his high school and won over 25 regional and national awards for his work, including three student Emmy awards. And at 16, he started a video marketing business with his first client. Nick majored in film production at Chapman University, where he wrote/directed seven of his own short films shot on 35mm for a total of $52K, half of which he raised himself. Halfway through his college career, he spent a summer selling Cutco Cutlery for a company called Vector Marketing, where he sold $32,000 and won the Sales Rep Champion trophy for the #1 rep in the region. Later, he became a manager, helping other young sales reps sharpen their skills. While studying for his photography minor in Florence, Italy at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici (the same Medici that supported Da Vinci & Michelangelo), Nick traveled all over Europe and won Best in Show at Italy’s Art is in the Street Competition.

After graduating magna cum laude in 2010, Nick wrote a script inspired by his experience selling knives, for which he raised $222,000 from private investors and hired 100 artists and professionals during one of the worst recessions of this generation. After premiering the film, he immediately secured a distribution deal and went on a West Coast tour of 25 cities, sharing the film with over 1,000 young sales reps to help and inspire them to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Today, Nick travels the world for his filmmaking, runs his business helping entrepreneurs market themselves through video, and continues to direct feature films and documentaries. Now as a teacher, he spends part of his time to give back by helping artists like YOU to build thriving careers around their talent and passion.