It's time your talents get the recognition they deserve.

You may feel stuck in a job that you hate and ache for more time and independence. You may feel helpless to the system and the state of the economy. 
Or you may even be making a living from your talents already. 
Wherever you are in your journey, something sparked your interest and you chose to spend your time here with me and I'd like to thank you for that.

Like so many others, I used to be the stereotypical starving artist. After film school, I was barely able to pay my bills and feed myself as a "video guy" living in Los Angeles, doing any freelance job I could. But something was missing....
I had no sense of purpose. I had no community. I woke up everyday to pay my bills, and that was my life. I couldn't stand it any longer. So one New Year's Eve, I decided to drop all my clients and make a feature film, no matter what it took. From that moment forward, a switch was flipped from a deficit mindset to an abundant mindset and I morphed like a butterfly into a THRIVING ARTIST. 

For the past year, I have been coaching artists on building a sustainable career from their passion. Now, I'd like to share the information for free! 
A little about me... 3x Emmy Winner, $300K+ raised for films/projects, living the life of my dreams, traveling the world making films. 

Now I want to share what I've learned and help talented creators like YOU get the recognition and income you deserve, build an exciting lifestyle, and manifest the life of your dreams.

In this course, I'll teach you how to...

  • Master your craft
  • Build audience
  • Help people
  • Make money