It is our mission to use the influence of major motion pictures to fight for the freedom of consciousness by challenging audiences to think freely, live freely, work for themselves, and follow their dreams. We strive to produce high-quality films that are not just entertaining and profitable, but also meaningful, thought-provoking, moral, and loving. By producing these types of films, we hope to make the world a GREENER, healthier, more conscious environment. Italian for, "a workplace for artists together."


We believe that the studio system now only cares about turning a profit. Film is no longer an art, it is now an industrialized, mass-produced product made on a factory line using the same formula and story over and over again. What Hollywood fails to realize is that we aren't just producing media, we are producing CULTURE. And the rest of the world learns the Truth not from school, but from movies, TV, and media. We are what we create. But artists and audiences shall not fear, for the age of self-distribution is finally here, and the independent film revolution is creating a digital renaissance all over the world. Dear artists – now is our time to strike. 

We have a DREAM

In this dream, businesses exist not to make profit, but to create goods and services that increase the quality of our lives.
In this dream, businesses incorporate green processes not because it's good branding and P.R., but because they want to keep their environment clean. 
In this dream, media production companies strive to create media that promotes growth, freedom, education, and love.
In this dream, content creators produce content not for the glamour, fame, and money, but because they love to create. 
In this dream, there is no middle men, no businessmen, no agents, and the artists make 100% of the profits to split them equally because they realize how insignificant money is compared to connection and making a difference. 
And yes, in this dream, we all live in peace and harmony. As cliché as it sounds, we have never been closer to it than right NOW. So please help us manifest this dream. 

Our Goals

Step 1: Create a business model and office environment that promotes our vision and values by splitting profits evenly and fairly by percentage so artists and professionals have more ownership of the products. No paychecks. 
Step 2: Raise enough startup capital to build a successful, kick-ass production and marketing team of young, multi-talented artists and entrepreneurs. Millennials only. 
Step 3: Greenlight one major motion picture, one TV series, and one webseries per year that illustrate our vision and values, aimed at the younger Millennial demographic. 
Step 4: Generate enough profit to build our own production facility, the FIRST-EVER GREEN STUDIO. No carbon emissions whatsoever.
Step 5: Harness the power of the internet to reach an audience of ONE BILLION all over the world.