As Olympic College's only digital media program, we intend to use film and media to teach students important skills not taught in the classroom. 

We Believe

The human brain only retains 10% of what it reads and 20% of what it hears, while it retains 90% by doing the real thing. So why are students forced to sit in a freezing classroom all day, memorizing facts and figures from a white board?

The current education system is no longer working for the next generations, and we are not teaching the right stuff. What good is all this data and knowledge without the WISDOM?

We believe in learning by DOING in order to teach those skills that are desperately needed in today’s economy but are not taught in the classroom.


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Visit the Website

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Vision: A student-based production company

Imagine this newspaper headline: “Olympic College opens the peninsula’s very first film studio.” Imagine a state of the art, beautifully designed, fully operational, GREEN film production studio with sound stages, editing bays, sound proof mixing rooms, full lighting & camera equipment inventory, and an all-organic cafeteria where students can mingle and talk shop with respected filmmakers. Imagine a community-oriented environment where established filmmakers don’t teach students in a classroom, but instead they WORK TOGETHER to create. This gives extra incentive to both students and filmmakers: Students get the best kind of film education possible, and film professionals get intern labor. It’s a win-win where services are exchanged equally and both parties benefit. Now imagine a feature film coming out of the academy EVERY YEAR. Imagine these films getting awards at major film festivals around the country, launching the careers of future stars, and creating great profits for the filmmakers, the students, and the academy. No credit; no grades; no tests; no degrees necessary. This is the future of education: learning by DOING.