To help ONE MILLION students grow and develop into the most confident, professional, sharpest versions of themselves by using film and media to teach the importance of sales skills. 


The current state of our economy is proof that the 9-5 system is no longer working, especially for Millennials born after 1980. In order to improve the economy, we must inspire new entrepreneurs by teaching our future generations important business skills, specifically sales skills. Based on our market research, we believe the most effective way to teach Generation Y is with film and media.

The Product

SHARP is a narrative feature film about a lazy stoner surf-bum who must adapt to the corporate world and learn how to sell knives in order to support his family after his dad loses his job.  


Visit the Website

Visit the Website

SHARP – Trailer

Completed Objectives

• Build an audience
• Raise $250,000 for production
• Successful completion of SHARP
• Secure a streaming/VOD distribution deal with Taylor & Dodge
• Secure a theater distribution deal with Tugg

Our Next Goals

 • Break Even with investment in 18 months
• Reach 1,000,000 views