What is coaching? How does it work? 

Just like the coach of any sports team, my job is to provide you with the systems, techniques, skills, and mindset to reach your goals, including... 

• encouragement – I will enable you to do what you’re afraid of because it’s right
• new programming – I will help you get rid of old limiting beliefs that do not serve you, and replace them with new empowering beliefs
• the playbook – a breakdown of the systems, strategies, and habits needed to get you there, as well as my accompaniment walking you through each step
• accountability – I will keep you accountable to your goals


Whether you are just starting out, or you are a serial creator, the biggest challenge we face today is creating a sustainable career doing what we love without sacrificing our time and energy to "pay the bills." Like so many, I used to be completely unhappy with my life situation, waking up everyday for somebody else's goals. I was broke, lonely, working my butt off without seeming to get anywhere… until I made a decision to do whatever it takes to make my passion for filmmaking into my full-time job. 

After building the life/career of my dreams, many people have asked me how I got to where I am today. It was a difficult question, but after working closely with many other talented/successful entrepreneurs and artists like myself, I have been able to break it down and for the last year, I have been coaching artists, entrepreneurs, and 9-5ers on how to find their purpose, build a sustainable model around their talent/skill, make their passion into their job, and manifest the life of their dreams.

What you will get coaching with Nick Conedera:

• 7 hours of coaching
• 1 free initial call + 2x 1-hour phone calls every 2 weeks for 3 months
• notes from every call
• free access to all of Nick's teaching materials, books, and network
• VIP discount access to all Nick's group calls, masterminds, etc.


All for only $245 or $97/month

Nick Conedera Filmmaker. Artist. Marketer. Entrepreneur.

Nick Conedera
Filmmaker. Artist. Marketer. Entrepreneur.

A little about Nick Conedera... 3x Emmy Winner, $300K+ raised for films/projects, living the life of his dreams, traveling the world making films. 

Now I want to give back, so for the past year, I have been helping artists build a sustainable career from their passion. You are the average of the five people you hang out with, so you're missing our if you're not around people who are where you want to be. When you have somebody whose job it is to support you and simultaneously hold you accountable, you tend to get shit done.

Whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, filmmaker, visual artist, author, speaker, photographer, dancer, performer, podcaster, or just a badass...

I'd love to help you!